Our Donors

We have been lucky enough to garner support from organisations such as the Canadian Federation for University Women (CFUW), Women’s India Association (WIA), Joy Welch Foundation and the Madrinha Trust, as well as Corporate Company CLARITY English and our founding organisation the Commonwealth Countries League (CCL), all of whom have donated funds to support multiple girls sponsored by the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund.

The CGEF have also received donations from individuals, organisations and corporate companies through fundraising initiatives such as Splendours of the Commonwealth & the British 10k London Run, as well as one-off donations, to which we would all like to say a big thank you!

Presently, the CGEF holds sufficient funds in reserve to ensure that all of our girls would be able to complete their secondary schooling in the event that the charity ceases to operate or the charity’s income falls below its projection.

Our Supporters include

• The diplomatic community in London, particularly the female High Commissioners and spouses of the High Commissioners
The Commonwealth Countries League (CCL)

We are also grateful to the following for their generous donations over the past years.

Businesses and Corporate Organisations Trusts, Groups and Individuals

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